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Regular Service

Regular service with Eco-Friendly Maid Service includes a surface cleaning of all areas of your homes. These areas include sanitation of counter tops, scrubbing of bathrooms and kitchens, vacuum/dusting, and mopping of floors. Our friendly and professional staff will also do light staging of the home for a nice fresh feeling. We base our regular cleanings off a weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly rotation and can also do as needed cleaning. Scheduling is quick and easy once clients have received their quote!

Add-On Services

Deep Cleaning

Move-In Cleanings

Move-Out Cleanings

Refrigerator Cleanings

Oven Cleaning

Interior Cabinet Cleaning

Interior Window Cleaning

Window Sill Detailing

Interior Door Detailing

Citrus Scrub Tub Cleaning

Baseboard Damp Cleaning

Patio Cleaning​

Wood Blind Damp Cleaning


Sometimes our lives get crowded. Let us help you make some room!

We are excited to announce a new offering from Eco-Friendly Maid Service: Personalized Services! Our team can tailor their skills to assist with all kinds of projects to make your life a little easier, giving you back time to spend on the stuff that really matters.

We can help with things like...

  • Washing and Drying Laundry

  • Organizing Closets

  • Personal Organizing

  • Dog Walking & Pet Visits

  • Grocery Shopping & Errands

  • Special Requests


You provide goals & we help make it happen

Booked separately from regular cleanings

We work on your timeline & schedule

Personalized Service Pricing


for new clients


for regular service clients 

(or had a cleaning in the last 3 months)

Think Personalized Service could be right for you? Fill out the form below and let's talk about your project!

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