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Q: What makes your company different from other cleaning services?

There are many things that set Eco-Friendly Maid Service apart from the other services! One of the biggest aspects of our company is our customer service! We believe that communication with a client is key to a healthy and long relationship. We strive to meet our clients' needs and expectations, but sometimes mistakes happen or areas are missed. Our clients know that they can come to us anytime with questions, concerns, or comments and feel 100% comfortable with it. 

We also bring all the cleaning supplies and products for the day leaving your supplies in the cabinet and untouched. We believe that you should not have to pay for a service and also buy your own products, plus we use Timshel Apothecary who handcrafts all of their products with completely natural, holistic, & simple ingredients! 

Another key aspect of our company is our employee placement! Although we strive to have the same cleaner, there may be some variability as is the nature of the industry.  All cleaners are background checked, thoroughly vetted and undergo a rigorous training period. We also pay high wages & offer benefits for our team, something unheard of in this industry. We feel it's important to know the company and personnel that come in and out of your home, and your comfort is our priority!



Q: What areas do you service?


We are currently servicing neighborhoods in and around Atlanta, GA and Denver, CO. See our service map here.
Submit a quote and we will let you know if you do not live in our service area, though we are constantly growing and a
dding new neighborhoods! 



Q: What are your hours?


We service Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM. We also do one time cleanings on Saturdays.



Q: Do I need to be home when the team member(s) arrive to clean?


Most of our clients are not home for their regular cleanings, but we are okay if you are! Most clients will give us a key or hide one for us.



Q: What if I am not satisfied with my cleaning?


Communication is key! Please let us know within 24 hours of the problem at hand, and we will arrange to re-clean the area in which you are dissatisfied as quickly as we can. We have a client coordinator who is in constant contact with our clients and is available by phone and e-mail every day.

Also, we will add this complaint in your file, and work to never miss it again. We know we are human and we all make mistakes, but with open communication from you, we can strive to get it right each and every time and not miss the same area twice!



Q: What forms of payment do you accept?


We accept credit and debit cards, checks, and cash. Please note that we do charge a $30 fee for returned checks. You must have a credit card on file to schedule a cleaning even if you do plan to utilize cash or check. We strongly suggest utilizing a credit or debit card as opposed to checks and cash as those forms of payment can present liabilities and issues.



Q: What's your cancellation policy?

Although we are aware of unforeseen circumstances we ask you to provide at least 24 hours notice if you need to cancel or reschedule. If proper notice is not given, we charge a 100% of the job. We also reserve the right to charge a cancellation fee to jobs canceled while on-site (due to misinformation, unforeseen circumstances, excessive mess, water/utilities not functioning, etc.).


Our company and our team rely on the day to day income of scheduled cleanings. We are typically unable to book same day service, so if cancellations occur without notice, our team is without the expected income they planned to receive. We use our cancellation fees to help compensate our team for their time and travel. If proper notice is given for a cancellation/reschedule, then that gives us the opportunity to replace the time slot with a different job. 

We do not have contracts. Regular service is on a schedule we agree on and can be cancelled anytime as long as we get more than 24 hours notice.



Q: Do you guarantee a day and time for my cleaning?


Eco-Friendly Maid Service guarantees a specific day, but not a guaranteed time. For the first cleaning we will specify a time to meet you, but from there on out we cannot guarantee a specific time because of the nature of the business. Our system will notify you when we are on the way and when we are done for each cleaning and also reminds you 3 days before your cleaning. We do communicate when we are coming but it isn't always set in stone for regular service.



Q: What do I need to do before my cleaning?


This is an important question we often get. Our response is always the same, "we will clean as much as you allow us". We do not fold clothes, move personal items, or move furniture. What is exposed will be cleaned. We also will not go behind closed doors to protect your privacy unless you specifically tell us that a certain door will be closed and needs to be cleaned. Our staff is also not permitted to climb up ladders or get on top of furniture. Items needing step ladders or other mechanisms to increase height will be skipped. Communication is crucial alongside picking up and tidying up personal items for the team to do their jobs!

We also do not clean dishes so please try and have them put away or in the dishwasher. If you leave dishes in the sink we may skip the entire sink, some team members will remove the dishes and clean the sink but we leave it up to their discretion.


Please do NOT schedule other service people to be in your home working while we are scheduled. We get complaints all the time about our cleanings but then we find out the client had painters, carpenters, etc. working on the home alongside our staff or after we've cleaned. 

Most of our clients quickly learn and actually start becoming tidier because they want more of their homes cleaned! 

We also reserve the right to charge the cleaning fee if the cleaning is canceled while on site (due to misinformation, unforeseen circumstances, inability to access home, excessive mess, belongings such as toys, clothes, etc. not properly picked up, etc.). We do not do onsite visits before scheduling jobs and therefore reserve the right to compensate ourselves if we do need to cancel. If you feel that you need an onsite visit please let us know during the quote process!



Q: Do you change linens?


We certainly do! The only thing we ask is that you place the clean linens on the bed. We will put the dirty linens in your washer or hamper. Please remember that if the clean linens are not on the bed we will NOT change the bed. 



Q: Do I need to provide a key?


There are many ways we approach this. Some of our clients hide a key and some have keyless entry set up. Some clients hide keys outside or in a lock box (this method is preferred). We want you to be comfortable with our services and leave these decisions up to you, as long as they are made before the team member gets to the house. We do NOT accept keys to keep on file.



Q: Will the same team member clean my home each time?


We understand that our clients want to be comfortable and know who is in their home for their cleanings. Most of our clients have the same cleaner each time, but this cannot be guaranteed. Although we strive to have the same cleaner, there may be some variability as is the nature of the industry.  All cleaners are background checked, thoroughly vetted and undergo a rigorous training period.

We assign a main team member to your home regularly, however, things do come up from time to time in which we will likely send someone else to cover the cleaning if your regular cleaner is unable to come. We will notify you at the earliest moment possible of any changes or updates! 


Please understand that human resources are a huge concern for us, as well as for you! We will make sure that our staff is courteous and professional at all times while in your home. We also have an amazing client information management system that ensures all staff has access to the client notes for each job.


Q: How many team members can I expect in my home during my cleaning?

In most cases we will send between 1 and 3 team members, depending on your job. Management may also sometimes perform Quality Checks to make sure the work is up to EFMS standards, to check in on staff in training, or to otherwise help out when needed. 


Q: Why did my service get canceled?


In this type of industry, we encounter many different situations that we deal with daily. We like to stress to our clients that we work with them, but not necessarily for them. What this means is that we have the right to refuse any work, whether it be a new or an existing client. We try to offer the best, most customizable, & affordable service to our client. Sometimes the situation is just not economical for us to work with, or comfortable for our staff.


We believe that the client is responsible for proper communication, providing the appropriate environment for us to work, and punctual compensation for work provided.


We understand that our service is not for everyone, if we ever feel that we cannot provide complete client satisfaction based on their needs and expectations, we reserve the right to cancel service. This provides an opportunity for the client to find a service that better suits their needs. 


We will always give as much notice as possible before canceling service with a client.



Q: Are my valuables safe with Eco-Friendly Maid Service?


If you have any special valuables, heirlooms, or irreplaceable items, please put them away or instruct us not to touch them. A closed door or drawer is your signal that you do not want that area cleaned. We take extreme care around your valuables, but mistakes can happen. 



Q: Do you offer Gift Certificates?


Absolutely! Give us a call (800.935.6139) and we will get you set up. We will email or mail the gift certificate out the same day. Please note that gift certificates are non-refundable.




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