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Our pricing is based on our own formula that we’ve developed over the years. Prices will not change without being discussed beforehand, but we do reserve the right to change the price of your cleaning according to unforeseen circumstances (remodels, additional occupants/pets, or anything not listed in your original quote). Our services are completely customizable, and we are always willing to work with clients for individual requests.

The price of your regular cleanings can/will change if you cancel or reschedule. The main factor we use to decide is the length of time between cleanings. 



We try to accommodate special requests for days and times, but the daily schedule of a cleaner can be very unpredictable. Please understand and allow us between the hours of 8:30-5:30 to clean your home. 

We send a cleaning reminder a few days before your cleaning. This e-mail acts as a reminder and to confirm your cleaning. Please use this reminder to communicate to us any changes that might affect your cleaning. You can also use this time to add special requests and add-ons!



For your first cleaning we suggest that the client meets the cleaner(s), we can try to arrange a specific time for the initial cleaning. If you decide to pursue regular services, we suggest setting up a lockbox or other types of Smart Locks. 

We no longer accept keys from clients.


Broken Items/Damages

Accidents do happen and we are fully capable of replacing/restoring items that happen to break during our services. We will always notify you of what happened and consult with you to rectify the situation. 

Items that were already damaged or on the verge will be handled on a case by case basis. We do reserve the right to deny culpability if we feel the item was on the verge of breaking or installed incorrectly. 

Additional Services (The Fine Print)

Refrigerator Cleanings- We always clean the exterior of the appliances, but if you want the inside done we certainly can help! We just need yours in return! We cannot clean freezers due to them being frozen, if the refrigerator is completely thawed out we can, but we will treat it as a separate line item and price it the same as a refrigerator. In regards to your refrigerator, you do not need to take everything out before we clean it, but we do ask to remove old food and excess. If the refrigerator is packed with food we cannot clean it and will remove it from the work order and can attempt to do it in the future. Normal condiments and stuff are fine, the team member will remove them and put them back in. 

Baseboards- We always work on vacuuming baseboards in all of our services. This is if you want wet wiping after we vacuum them! Also, please know that we cannot get behind furniture in all cases and often baseboard are sometimes beyond cleaning (and just need to be repainted) but we will do our best!

Window Cleaning- We do our best on windows but sometimes the outside is really dirty and the interior work we do does little to make the windows appear clean. In the Summer the heat from the Sun can create streaks, we can't do much about this but we try. Also, in older homes we try our best with the window sills and glass but sometimes the paint is lead based and flakes, in those cases we steer clear for our safety and yours.

Oven Cleaning- Always remember that we use handmade green cleaning products that do a wonderful job and are great for all of our health and well being, but will NOT create miracles on ovens. We try our best and have a great process for cleaning ovens, but we do stress this point. One thing you can do the night before is set a pot of vinegar and water in the oven and cook on 350-400 for 1-2 hours and then turn off (do NOT open) the heat. Leave it for us to do our part and it usually works super well :)

Patio Cleaning- In the past we did not do patio cleanings because each is different and sometimes they're much worse than others. Sometimes the job is too much for us to even do. Over time we decided to add this service but with some fine print. The patio cannot excessively covered in leaves, debris, or pollen. If so we will remove from the invoice and notify you in the exit letter. We are not equipped to do anything more than a quick sweeping (you must provide the broom) and light wipe down of furniture. We will not be wet washing things or spending more than 20-30 minutes on a patio. 


Our staff will bring everything needed for the cleaning except a brush to clean the interior of your toilet. You must provide that in a visible area. We use top of the line equipment that is sustainably and ethically manufactured. If you want our staff to use a special product or piece of equipment it must be clearly communicated to the office. Notes in home directly to the team member will not be acceptable forms of communication. We require all requests to be filtered through the office. If you do require our staff to use your equipment we do NOT accept responsibility for broken equipment. We extensively train our team to utilize our tools but we are not able to adequately train the team for all types of equipment.



We accept and require a valid credit or debit card on file for all services. Cash and Checks are handled on a case by case basis but even in the event that you do want to utilize those methods we do require a working credit or debit card on file.



We require all clients to provide reliable parking for every cleaning. If any parking fees occur during the cleaning, clients are required to cover such fees. We will not be able to complete the cleaning if we do not find reliable parking within 15 minutes of arriving at the location or find parking within one block of the home, a cancellation or walk-out fee will be charged.




We ask that you not request our staff to move anything over 25 lbs. We are pet-friendly; however, if your pets have free range of the house, we request that you meet the cleaning team the first time for an introduction, and give any special instructions. If your pets are aggressive or protective when alone, we request that you board them or make other arrangements during the cleaning.

We also ask to be notified 24 hours before a cleaning if the household occupants have been sick as a safety precaution to our team and other clients. In addition, the home cannot have any kind of infestation.

Our cleaners have the right to refuse any job or task (climbing ladders, using chemicals, cleaning specific areas, etc.).

**We do not clean up after pets. Urine and feces will not be cleaned up and the area around any pet waste will be skipped. Other bio-hazardous areas are also not covered (human waste, blood, and feminine hygiene products/discards, etc.). 




We understand unforeseen circumstances occur and ask for a 24-hour notice. If proper notice is not given we will charge the full price of the cleaning. We also reserve the right to charge 100% of the cleaning to jobs canceled while on site due to misinformation, unforeseen circumstances, home not properly picked up, etc. 

Invoices that are not settled within 14 days of service will incur a $25 fee.




If you have any questions or concerns about your cleaning, please contact us immediately. Due to the nature of this industry, clear communication is key to ensuring your complete satisfaction. Every home is different and every client has different expectations. We do our best to ensure the client's happiness, but cannot assess and correct a complaint if too much time has gone by. If you feel the team needs to come back and perform the job again, you must contact us within 24 hours to set up a redo cleaning. We can also discount future cleanings to accommodate.

Correspondence with all EFMS staff should be respectful and professional. We do reserve the right to refuse refunds & future service based on negative correspondence with clients. As a professional service, we expect a professional relationship with vendors, team members, & clients.




As a client, you agree not to personally hire any present or former employees. Employees also agree to not clean for hire outside of EFMS client base.




We do NOT give refunds for gift certificates, services, or products purchased from us. If you have a complaint about service with us we will most certainly handle that with either a discounted future service or we will come to your home and do the job again as soon as possible. All complaints must be received within 24 hours of the job in order for us to handle it correctly. Thank you for your understanding!



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