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Best Way to Clean After Your Beach Trip

Summertime means fun vacations and traveling! Many people visit the beach on their time off during the warm weather. There is nothing like the feeling of sand in your toes, except when you drag it home with you! Learn a few tips and tricks to clean up your luggage, car, and even your house after a getaway to the beach.

Wash Your Clothes

The number one thing you'll want to do when you get home is laundry. You have dirty clothes leftover from the trip that needs to be washed. However, wait until you reach the laundry room to pull out your clothes. There could be leftover sand lingering in your suitcase and on your clothes that will drag throughout the house.

Dust Off Your Shoes

Along with your clothes, your shoes drug everything through the sand as well. If you didn't wear sandals or flip flops, you might have to take more time cleaning them. Sandals and flip flops can be rinsed off with water and left to air dry. If you have other shoes, wipe them down with a damp cloth and let them dry as well.

Take A Shower

Don't forget yourself! You're taking the time to wash your clothes and shoes, but sand could be lingering on you as well. Once you're inside, take the time to do your clothes and shoes, then take a shower! This will rinse any sand off of you as well if you drug it from the beach or even from washing your items.

Vacuum Your Car

Sand is similar to glitter in that it's hard to get rid of. Vacuum out your car. Move the seats, mats, and everything else inside to make sure you tackle every area of the vehicle. Don't forget to also vacuum the trunk as well, where you likely stored your beach items. This will keep you from continuing to track your beach trip long after you've arrived home.

Rinse Your Beach Items

If you take chairs, umbrellas, coolers, etc. to the beach, don't forget to rinse these off in your driveway or yard. You want them clean for the next time you want to use them, but also need to rinse away the sand and ocean salt. This will help increase the longevity of your items as well! Don't forget to let them dry before storing them until next time.

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