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Spring Cleaning Tips & Tricks for Your Home

Updated: Mar 27

An vibrant kitchen freshly cleaned

Spring cleaning may seem like a challenge when you picture tackling the entire house, but certain methods create a smoother process. With so many people inside, now is the best time for home cleaning! Here are some tips and tricks to help you clean a bit easier and also leave you with more free time.

No matter how you approach your cleaning list, there are ways to be more efficient and still have a sparkling home! Before you get started, the first thing to do is separate the house into rooms. Most people want to choose a chore and clean the entire house, but this approach is less efficient. You may finish all your dusting in one sweep, but by the time you're done, it's more daunting to start on another task.

Once you have mentally divided everything by rooms (kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, etc.), these are the steps to follow as you start spring cleaning:

1. Declutter the Room. Before you begin cleaning, you need to remove any items from the room that don't belong. Take a trash bag and box with you and throw away any excess trash, while putting items in the wrong place in the box to put away later.

2. Dust All the Surfaces! Whether you are dusting the dining room table or bathroom cabinets, make sure you wipe down both the tops and sides.

3. Clear out Corners. Check spaces and corners on your ceiling and walls for cobwebs and gathered dust. Clearing these out allows everything to fall to the floor while cleaning.

4. Gather Laundry. If you have anything that needs to be washed, collect everything, and put it in the laundry room to start once you have finished gathering from around the home.

5. Clean Windows and Mirrors. Wipe down mirrors and windows with window cleaner, using a microfiber cloth to avoid leaving any debris or streaks behind.

6. Sanitize All Surfaces. Use a disinfectant to spray down the counters, especially in the kitchen and bathrooms. Let it sit for a few minutes before wiping everything down with a clean cloth.

7. Sweep/Vacuum the Floors. Most of the dirt and grime accumulate on the ground. Use a broom on hardwood floors or vacuum the carpets to clean floors properly. If you're fancy and have a Roomba or other electronic cleaning device you can set those up too!

These are the main steps for spring cleaning a house room by room. However, there are additional areas you might need to cleanout. Most people forget to wipe down their fridges and other kitchen/bathroom appliances. Depending on the type of material (stainless steel, white, paneled, etc.) your appliances, might depend on the product you use.

An additional area people often forget to go through is their closets! One of the most helpful things for your community is clearing out old clothes you never wear and donating to a local thrift shop. This frees up space in your closet while allowing people in your area the opportunity to enjoy your gently-used clothes.

Spring cleaning is often intimidating for many people due to the amount of time it takes. Eco-Friendly Maid Service is a green, professional cleaning service that provides home cleaning to the Atlanta area. Our local green maid service offers a reasonable price and a great experience for you and your loved ones.



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