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Cleaning with Kids in Quarantine!

Maintaining a clean home requires lots of effort and consistency to keep everything tidy. Certain items need to be placed where they belong, dusting/wiping down surfaces, and vacuuming and sweeping the floor all need to be completed on a regular basis. Otherwise, this can leave your house in a constant state of chaos when you're at home which can be stressful.

However, with most people sticking to their houses and staying at home during quarantine, this gives you ample time to maintain cleanliness. With more free time on their hands, people are able to create a consistent cleaning schedule. The only dilemma: your children are home from school too. Here are cleaning tips to follow to keep your house spic and span while your children are home running amuck!

Throw Out Old Items

One of the biggest causes of messes in your home is clutter! By eliminating old toys and clothes, you are shrinking the number of items that can be tossed around. If you're a parent, you know it seems like your kids grow up before you can blink! This means they're also outgrowing their clothes that will be too small, so donate them! Additionally, they will lose interest in old toys that might be too boring or easy for them when they age. Once they forget they have that toy, it's the best time to toss it out as well and donate!

Organization is Key

This rule applies whether you are cleaning with kids or not. Type A personalities love abiding by this rule, while some others it drives crazy. However, it is one of the best ways to keep your house clean! Make sure you have a place for all the items in your house that is neat. Whether you have a chest for your children's toys or a wall hanger for coats and keys when you come in, these little tools will make it easier when you tackle your chores!

Make Cleaning a Game

For those with toddlers and older, they can help with easy household chores! By making tasks seem like a game, they will be eager to play. As a parent, you know younger children constantly follow you around wondering what you are doing. This applies while you are cleaning as well. The best solution is to have them complete a fun task in the room you are working on. Suggest something like "let's see who can pick up their toys the fastest" to encourage them to clean up the toys so that you can vacuum/sweep the floors. For an older child, small rewards go a long way! You can give them harder tasks to complete, but with the promise of some reward when they are finished.

Utilize New Technology & Creations

Some parents don't like to expose their children to lots of screen time. However, limiting the time they watch TV/movies still applies when you're cleaning with kids! Choose the time that they are watching a cartoon or a movie to clean the house. This ensures they are distracted by the media, and you have more freedom to work on some household chores. Additionally, if you have an infant, utilizing new baby wraps and carriers can help. This frees up your hands and allows you to move around the house without worrying about the baby in the other room.

Limit Toys in Each Room

By creating a system of toy limitations, this eliminates the problem of clutter before it happens. Teach your kids that each room has a number of toys allowed and that they have to swap out their toys to bring another one in. This encourages them to put away the toy they are done playing with before pulling out another. This cleaning tip helps with the incorporation of small storage boxes in the rooms as well so they can put them away.

Use Kid-Safe Cleaners & Tools

When cleaning with kids, invest in small, easy-to-use items. For example, buy a Swiffer or a cordless, compact vacuum to drag out when you need to clean the floors. Choosing a smaller item allows you to grab it faster, and gives you more time to complete the cleaning task. Don't forget to use kid-safe cleaning products as well! Harsh chemicals can be harmful to younger children. Using natural products will eliminate any toxic chemicals your kids might interact with when you clean.

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