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How to Deep Clean Your Kitchen

Updated: Mar 27

a deep cleaned kitchen

Everyone puts off cleaning the kitchen until the last room because we all know the extra effort we have to put in. Kitchens are used on a daily basis, especially people who enjoy cooking. This usually means they take twice as long to clean up, depending on how often you maintain the areas. Counters, dishes, and the floors constantly get dirty from use and take time to eliminate grime and other stains.

However, it is important to keep up with your deep cleaning, particularly for a kitchen. It is one of the areas that need to remain sanitized because you eat what you make within that area. If something is dirty or contains bacteria, you are transferring that directly to your body. By maintaining the cleanliness and deep cleaning on a regular basis, this eliminates the issue!

Clear Away Dishes

The first thing to do is clear off all the counters and surfaces. This means, hand washing pots and cooking utensils, and throwing other kitchenware in the dishwasher. Once everything is clean, put everything away in it's designated location. If you want to wipe out the cabinets and other storage areas, this is the best time to do so.

Wipe Down Surfaces

Once all your counters are empty and free of items, this is the best time to wash all surfaces. The best method is to use soap and a sponge to scrub away any of the grime collected and crumbs left behind from cooking. Kitchens are one of the messiest areas to deep clean because it is used on a daily basis, and easily becomes dirty when it's used.

Using soap to scrub away the dirt also gets rid of any bacteria and other harmful materials. Additionally, citrus oils sanitize surfaces as well, so you can also use those mixed with water and soap to help get rid of everything. Once finished, make sure you wipe everything down with water and a towel.

Clean Out Your Fridge

Fridges can end up being one of the dirtiest places in your kitchen. When you deep clean the fridge, make sure you throw out any old food that has gone bad. This will help to get rid of any smells and keep it from damaging any good food you have in there.

Emptying out your fridge and cleaning the shelves is also one step you should do. This gets rid of sticky residues and any liquids that might have spilled inside. It also wipes out any crumbs from leftover foods or anything that might have collected in the fridge.

Scrub All Appliances

Microwaves and other appliances like your stove, toaster, etc. all need to be cleaned regularly. Most people don't need to clean them daily, but it is important to wipe them down weekly. This will help get rid of any food that might have splattered in the microwave, stove, or anywhere else you have been cooking. Maintaining this regularly makes it easier to clean stuff on a regular basis because it will speed up the process.

Mop the Floors

The last step you should work on is the floors. Everything you have cleared out or wiped off the counters and surfaces will fall on the ground. Sweep everything up that landed on the floors, following that up by mopping the surface. The broom/vacuum will eliminate the crumbs, hairs, and other materials, while the mop will sanitize the floor. This helps keep the entire room and area clean and smelling fresh as well.

Overall, ensuring you sanitize and clean everything on a regular basis is important. It will keep the most important area of your house safer, considering you make your meals and everything you put in your body in the kitchen. If you want to ensure a clean, safe home, consider Eco-Friendly Maid Service.

Eco-Friendly Maid Service is a GREEN cleaning alternative for residential & commercial spaces. Our goal is to offer our clients the best service possible while maintaining our core values: Health, Growth, & Sustainability. Having the peace of mind in a clean and healthy home, without the worry of harmful chemicals surrounding your loved ones, is priceless. Fortunately, our local green maid service provides both for a reasonable price and a great experience for you & your loved ones.



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