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Eco-Friendly Tips for Staying Cool

Updated: Mar 27

a beautiful hot summer day outside next to a tree

Summer is almost over, but for some, the heat lingers! Depending on where you live, the summer lasts longer and fall is cut short. Here are a few last-minute tips for staying cool, that way you can enjoy the fall season, even if the weather doesn't agree!

Use Heat Sparingly

When you're cooking, the oven heats the entire house. Standing over the hot stove or heated oven will cause you to sweat, as well as raise the entire temperature in your home. To help avoid this, consider grilling outside. This doesn't keep the warm air from the unit trapped inside a smaller space. Instead, it allows you to enjoy the outdoors and stay cooler by eliminating the heat trap.

Stay Hydrated

If you're outdoors, drink lots of cold water or cool drinks. By keeping yourself hydrated, you are helping your body cool down internally as well. Whether you want to munch on some fruit or drink some Gatorade, these will help you stay cooler longer.

Use Essential Oils!

Many essential oils have cooling traits that help your body cool down mentally and physically. One of the best oils for this is Peppermint oil. Peppermint gives the mind and body cooling sensations to help relax. When you are feeling hotter than normal and need to cool down, rub this on your neck and wrists or create a body spritz out of it by adding water to dilute the oil.

Eat Considerately

As we mentioned above, eating cool foods can help you cool down. Ice cream, fruit, and other cold food will aid your body internally. However, spicy food can have the same effect. Spicy dishes enhance circulation, stimulate heat receptors in the mouth, and cause your body to sweat, which in turn, cools you down.

House Plant

Plants can actually help cool down your home. Plants consume light and energy (heat) which leaves the area around the plant feeling cooler. If you are a gardener or have a green thumb, this is more motive to go get more plants!

Enjoying a hot fall can be difficult, but keeping a few of these things handy or following these tips can help you enjoy fall, even when you live in the south! The heat lasts longer in the southern regions and these tips can aid you in enjoying the autumn season, despite the warmer temperatures.



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