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Detailed Guide to a More Organized Home

Updated: Mar 27

a very organized home and kitchen space

The place we spend the most time in our lives is the inside of our homes. Recently, this has been even more prominent due to the pandemic. More people are staying indoors and working from home than ever before. However, this can also lead to your house becoming more disorganized because you are there more often. You may become lazier and not worry as much about cleaning up after yourself, which might lead to even more chaos inside. Here are suggestions for organizing your home and keeping it clean for you and your family.

Start Small

Organizing your entire home can seem like a daunting task. Most people don't even know where to start or what to tackle first. However, you can always break down the areas to make them more manageable and easier to clean/organize. For example, start by cleaning out a kitchen junk drawer that you throw miscellaneous items in. Find a spot for the items and place them in the area. This frees up space if you have anything leftover once organizing.

Invest in Storage

Storage containers and bins are important when you have seasonal items. For instance, during the winter you won't need your bathing suits or summer clothes. Obtaining storage bins and putting things away that you don't use on a regular basis frees up space in your day-to-day rooms. There will be less clutter around your home. This also helps you organize small things like kitchen drawers and bathroom cabinets.

Work With Your Family

Sometimes the most difficult areas to keep clean are your shared spaces. Kitchens, living rooms, and other areas that your family all uses become chaotic the easiest. This is when picking a place for things will help you keep it clear. For instance, all cups go in the same cabinet, silverware and other utensils have specific drawers, etc. Communicate with your family when you determine areas for everything and let them know to return anything they use to the same place when putting it away. This helps keep your family rooms looking neat.

Utilize Closets & Personal Areas

Organizing your bedroom might be one of the most difficult areas to tackle. You keep all your clothes, jewelry, and personal items in the bedroom and bathroom. This might lead to more clutter because there are more items to go through. Every once in a while, you need to go through your room and donate old clothes and things you never use or wear. If you haven't worn a shirt in over a year, you might want to consider donating anything gently used. However, there are also items like makeup and bathroom supplies that will expire over time so ensure you are keeping up with that as well.

Utilize storage and organizational items to also clear away these areas. Bathrooms and kitchens are the two rooms that will need the most decluttering on a regular basis. This also makes cleaning your home easier when you perform any chores because you aren't having to organize and clear things away as you work.

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