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Have a Happy, Eco-Friendly Halloween!

Updated: Mar 27

Halloween decor with pumpkins, gourds, candles, and fall leaves

Halloween is one of the most popular holidays during the fall season. Families love trick-or-treating with their children, adults love dressing up for events, and people love decorating their homes to celebrate the spooky season. Are you eco-conscious when you're getting ready for Halloween? Here are a few ways to make your holiday more eco-friendly!

Picking a Costume

One of the most fun, but difficult choices during Halloween is finding the right costume. Most areas have Halloween stores open up for the season and sell tons of decorations and costumes. However, have you ever considered having a Halloween clothing swap with your friends? Instead of buying a new costume, consider changing costumes with your friends instead of purchasing an expensive new one! You can also repurpose old clothes in your wardrobe and make them scary for the occasion.

Crafting Halloween Decorations

Use household items for decorating your home. Rather than going to the store or ordering online, look up DIY craft ideas. This allows you to repurpose your items into spooky themes and save money as well. Use milk cartons to make ghouls, egg cartons into bats, or even pantyhose for spiderwebs! There are many different ideas on the internet to research quick, easy ways to craft your decor.

Pumpkin Picking

Going to pick pumpkins is a fun, fall activity. Many people visit pumpkin patches and go home to carve out fun faces and shapes. This is more eco-friendly for the environment, but make sure you are using every piece of the pumpkin. You can roast the seeds for snacks later, and compost the rest of the pumpkin.

Trick-or-Treat Walk

Some parents like to drive their kids around the neighborhood and stop at each house. The safer option is for everyone to walk around and visit the houses on foot. This avoids any accidents that may happen in the dark, and also is the more environmentally-friendly option! It's more fun to walk from house to house and meet people along the way than driving and missing fun costumes.

Reusable Treat Bags

Rather than buying pumpkin bags or Halloween-specific items, use something from home. Use a pillowcase or reusable grocery bag to collect candy. This eliminates more of the waste from the holiday so you aren't tossing the Halloween bags in the trash.

Halloween is a fun holiday for all ages. Make a few small changes to be eco-friendly and continue to have fun! Have a very Happy Halloween!

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