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How to Deep Clean Your Bedroom

Updated: Mar 27

a deep cleaned bedroom

Have you started your spring cleaning yet? Most people jump in as soon as the warmer weather rolls in. However, some people will procrastinate and put off cleaning until the last minute because the task is tedious. The main focus of spring cleaning is the common areas that everyone frequents. Most people forget to go through their bedrooms and thoroughly clean the areas to start the year fresh. Here are a few tips for deep cleaning your bedroom!

Start Your Laundry

Laundry is a regular chore that has to be done nearly every week depending on your family size. However, most people don't wash their sheets and towels on a regular basis. Now is the time to strip your bed of the sheets, pillowcases, and comforter to wash them. Don't forget to grab any blankets and additional materials that you have in the bedroom. Start the cycle on these while you tackle the rest of the room.

Cleaning Under & Over

One of the main spots people often forget to clean is underneath your bed. It's recommended to flip your mattress regularly as well. When you flip the mattress, vacuum/sweep underneath your bed to remove any dirt and debris that has gathered over time. When you place your mattress back on the frame, make sure you are flipping it over to break in the other side as well. This will help lengthen the life of your mattress.

It's a good idea to hit any of the spaces beneath furniture that are normally covered and not swept. However, you don't want to clean the entire floor yet. Instead, reach for your duster and wipe down the lights, and ceiling fan so that the dust falls to the ground first. Target any corners that might have cobwebs or other debris and wipe that as well.

Wipe Down Surfaces

Dust all your end tables, dressers, and other furniture you have throughout the room. The floor will be the last task to complete when you are finishing up the bedroom. Additionally, use window cleaner or glass cleaner to wipe down your windows and mirrors throughout the room. This allows the dust to fall to the ground if your cloths don't catch the dirt.

Clear Out Your Closet

Whether you do this on a regular basis, it is a good idea to clear out your closet every season. If you notice you aren't wearing some of the clothes and shoes you have inside your wardrobe, consider donating them if they are lightly worn! If they are raggedy, just toss them in the garbage so they're not taking up space. This will make it more clutter-free and easier to go through your clothes every day.

Hit the Lights

Wipe down your lamps, blinds, and other items in your room. Deep cleaning your bedroom means you are targeting all the spaces, not just a quick, routine clean. This includes wiping down your light switches if they are dirty and spot cleaning your walls if they have spots. If you keep books or other items in your bedroom, it's smart to dust those as well so they are no longer gathering dust. Another thing to consider is whether they are being used or not. If they aren't sentimental or important to you, why not donate these as well?

Finally, the Floors

The last task you should perform is cleaning your floors. After you've cleared out the bedroom and wiped everything down, the floor should be the final step. Sweep/Vacuum your floors, making sure to hit the corners and baseboards if they need it. Once you are finished, you need to mop or shampoo your floor/carpet. This will ensure you are eliminating any dirt or debris that might be stuck to the surface.

Deep cleaning your bedroom can be time-consuming. However, there are professionals who deep clean houses and can take care of your spring cleaning for you! Consider hiring a local, green company to clean and organize your home for you! Eco-Friendly Maid Service is a GREEN cleaning alternative for residential & commercial spaces. Our goal is to offer our clients the best service possible while maintaining our core values: Health, Growth, & Sustainability. Having peace of mind in a clean and healthy home, without the worry of harmful chemicals surrounding your loved ones, is priceless. Fortunately, our local green maid service provides both for a reasonable price and a great experience for you & your loved ones.



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