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Maintain Your Sparkling Pools All Summer

Updated: Mar 27

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Summertime brings fun activities like cooking out, outdoor sports, and pool time! Everyone flocks to neighborhood pools or friends' houses to cool down and enjoy the summer heat. However, the maintenance of a pool requires more work than people think. Keeping that water crystal clear takes consistency and regular cleanings to showcase that sparkling water. Here are the best ways to maintain pools and keep them clear all summer long!

First-Time Pool Owners

Owning a pool is rewarding for those hot summer days, but it does require work! Understanding the way a pool circulates and filters is important for the owner. A pool will be built with a circulation system and a pump that pulls water through a filter and gets rid of the debris. Additionally, skimmers and drains help to eliminate dirt and other debris that has sunk to the bottom. This system automatically saves time for pool owners, as long as you keep up with them and clean them out as needed.

What Equipment is Needed?

The circulation system is built into the pool, but you will also need other equipment to keep that water sparkling! The most important items are a pool net and a vacuum. Pool nets are easy to use and remove anything lingering on the surface like leaves and other debris. For any pool maintenance, you will need a manual or automatic vacuum. Most pool owners use an automatic vacuum if they have an in-ground pool. This allows it to reach the deeper areas of the pool, where it might be harder to reach if you use a manual one.

Another great item to have on-hand is a brush. This doesn't need to be used as often but can scrub away at those tough areas. So if you have something sticking to the bottom or side, this brush can help to remove it and allow it to flow through your system.

Types of Chemicals

Chlorine is the most important chemical used to sanitize your pool water. This needs to be used on a regular basis to keep your water clean. They come in tablets to put in your filter, that way the system circulates the chlorine for you. The amount depends on how large your pool is, and you will need to use the proper measurement depending on this.

Maintaining pools require a pH balancer as well. This doesn't have to be used as often as chlorine, but checking your chemical levels on a weekly basis is critical. If the levels are too high or too low, this can impact both your health and your pool. Swimmers might notice eye or skin irritation if the levels are off. Additionally, it can damage your pool tile and pumps over time if the problem isn't fixed. These can be checked with a simple strip test on the water!

An alkalinity balancer will help the pH levels remain the same, instead of changing due to outside environments (leaves, debris, and other things that fall in the pool change it). Sometimes you can fix the alkalinity levels and it will automatically correct the pH as well.

Regular Pool Maintenance

Regular pool maintenance will lengthen the life of your pool, as well as, make cleaning take less time if it's done on a regular basis. So how often should you use the chemicals listed above? Some pools require a tablet of chlorine on a daily basis, depending on how often you use the pool. This helps keep it sanitized. Test the pH and alkalinity balances on a weekly basis and only use the chemicals as needed. These don't require as much consistency as the chlorine.

The net should be used on a daily or every other day basis. Remove anything your filter can't trap that stays on the surface of the water. This also helps to keep your chemicals at the right level, because outside items aren't changing the levels. Vacuum the bottom of the pool on a weekly basis, as the system and net will capture most of the debris.

One Secret to Keep it Clean Longer!

For long-term pool owners, they develop tips and tricks to maintaining their pool in the easiest ways possible. The best tip given by pool owners is to cover your pool any time you aren't in it. This prevents anything from dropping into the pool and requires less time you have to spend cleaning. It seems like a pain to take the cover on and off, but it helps you eliminate steps down the road. The water will stay cleaner longer and the chemicals will last longer and stay balanced.

Overall, any pool owner will tell you it's worth it to maintain the pool. The amount of time spent enjoying the water and sunshine are priceless compared to pool maintenance. It's also quite cheap if you keep up with the regular cleanings and equipment. Additionally, having a clean pool and outdoor area provides a great place to hang out all summer for your family and friends!

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