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8 Steps for a More Thorough Clean

Updated: Mar 27

a thoroughly cleaned living room and home

Most people try to deep clean their home once a month but find they run out of time to do it frequently enough. Deep cleaning your house takes time, and most often people don't have that much. However, you can do a few tricks when performing a regular clean to make that deep clean easier.

1. Shaking Out Rugs

An easy way to save you some time when vacuuming is to shake out area rugs and towels. If any dust has collected on your decorative towels or rugs, this allows it to settle on your floor. This saves you time instead of washing your items frequently, you are ridding the dirt and debris for you to vacuum up in your regular routine.

2. Dusting Properly

Most people have dusting on their weekly cleaning list. Usually, this entails wiping down your tables and entertainment areas. To cover more areas and clean more thoroughly, consider moving items as you go. Instead of working around the items on your tables, move them out of the way and wipe under them. Don't forget to target higher areas like the tops of your cabinets and fans. The dust can be swept away with your broom or vacuum later.

3. Cleaning Your Bedroom

Most people dust and vacuum their bedroom along with the rest of the house. However, the closet and bed are often overlooked in this process. An easy way to keep your bedroom looking more organized every day is to make your bed. It's a quick, small task that makes most feel accomplished when it's done. Additionally, making small changes to your closet by eliminating clothes you no longer wear helps to clear up space as well.

4. Wiping Down the Bathroom

When you wipe down the counters with disinfectant and other surfaces in the bathroom, make it easier by spraying everything at once. This allows it time to soak and remove any difficult stains and sanitize the proper amount of time. This includes your bathtub as well! Despite what some may think, this expedites your cleaning process because you can do everything in here at the same time.

5. Targeting the Kitchen

When you are cleaning the kitchen, target other areas like your appliances. Generally, your cleaning product can be used on multiple surfaces besides just the counter. This means wiping down your microwave, refrigerator, and oven! By wiping these down more often, you are saving yourself time in your deep clean by not having tough stains to scrub out later that may have sat too long.

6. Vacuum Everything

Most people vacuum their carpets, rugs, and sometimes hardwood floors. However, most people forget to use the attachment to their advantage. To save time, when you are already vacuuming, use your attachment! This can target corners with spiderwebs, baseboards, and other nooks and crannies that are difficult to reach. This saves you time when you are deep cleaning because you are maintaining the area for less debris and dust to collect.

7. Windows & Mirrors

Use glass cleaner throughout the house when you are cleaning. Whether you target one room at a time or do all the glass at once, there is no set way to complete the task. Most people find it easier to do all the windows and mirrors at once, moving throughout the rooms and targeting just these areas.

8. 'Stage' the House

As odd as it may seem, staging your house will make it appear more organized and clean. If you have decorative pillows, vases, etc. make sure they are set up the way they are supposed to be. Put your couch pillows back on, straighten your rugs, and make your bed! These all lead to a more organized, clean home without much effort.

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