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Prep Your Yard for the Summer

Updated: Mar 27

a perfectly manicured lawn

Summer is here! As the warmer weather rolls in, more people like to be outdoors to enjoy the sun. Backyard hangouts become a common occurrence and gatherings are primarily outside. However, most people worry about their yards drying out in the heat and maintaining them if there's less rain. Here a few things to do now before the full heat of the summer comes in.

Aerate your Yard

If you haven't already, use an aerator throughout the lawn to allow the grass and plants to breathe. Generally, you want to do this in the spring, but it will still help if you haven't done the task at all. This enables more water and nutrients to reach the root system more efficiently. If your yard is able to absorb more water, it won't dry out like most during the hotter months.

Remove Excess Grass & Fertilize

Once you have aerated everything, you need to remove any excess grass in your yard. Use a rake to remove any dead grass. This allows more room for new growth to occur if the dead ones are pulled out. Additionally, now is the time to fertilize your lawn as well. Make sure you use a fertilizer that works with your specific type of grass.

Cut Away Bushes & Plants

If you have trees and bushes in your yard, make sure you are trimming those regularly. This will help keep debris from gathering in the lawn, but also keeps the plants healthier. Additionally, don't forget to water your grass and plants regularly if you aren't seeing a lot of rain throughout the summer months.

Spruce Up the Patio

Make sure your patio and the furniture are thoroughly cleaned and ready for guests. Some areas allow you to drag your furniture out of storage in the spring. However, if you're in a cooler climate, you might not have the warmer weather until later. Make sure you clean off your patio before you set everything up, that way you only have to spot clean throughout the summer.

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