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5 Steps to Preparing Your Home for Fall

Updated: Mar 27

a beautiful fall day with pumpkins and leaves on a front porch

Cooler breezes are rolling in for the beautiful fall season. Switching your house from summer to fall can be hard to tackle, but we are here to give you tips to make it easy. Making sure you have the right tools and right preparation will make the seasonal change a smooth transition!

Find Any Drafts

One of the first things to check for that most people neglect is drafts! Finding out if you have drafts throughout the house will help you tackle the issue before the winter cold rolls in. Some people use candles and hold them by their closed windows. If they flicker, you likely need to reseal your windows. This will help you save money in the long run because you aren't wasting energy to warm a space that continues to have cold air blow inside.

Rearrange and Rotate Furniture

This might sound unusual, but this can make a difference if you own a fireplace or other heaters. The fireplace will be used more frequently during these months, and it makes it easier to arrange your furniture around this focal point. Additionally, flipping your cushions or pillows to different sides will help them wear evenly. Alternating your furniture every season will help them last longer because you aren't sitting on the same side year-round.

Outdoor Furniture

As we mentioned in a previous blog, ensure your outdoor furniture from summer is properly cleaned and stored. Bring out any fall/winter items like chimneys, fire pits, etc. and fill in space where your summer furniture was. Make sure any chairs and other furniture is safe for cold weather and won't be ruined by snow or cold temperatures.

Updating Your Thermostat

Most people experience the constant fluctuation in temperature during the fall season. In the morning, it's chilly, while in the afternoon it's warm. The best way to combat this and save money on your electricity bill is by buying a programmable thermostat. This way, you can choose what temperature it needs to be at a specific time. It allows you to turn the temperature down when you are not home, and it's warm in the afternoon. At the same time, you are also able to have the temperature turned warmer if you get home when it's chilly.

Winter Equipment

Depending on the area you live in, will determine what type of equipment you need. Some people might only need a leaf blower to manage the autumn season and the falling of leaves. However, if you live in colder areas, you will deal with snow and ice. Make sure all of your equipment like leaf blowers, snowblowers, etc. are in working condition. It's better to check for these before the issue occurs, that way you know you are able to fix the problem.

Overall, the fall season brings beautiful scenery and fair temperatures. Making sure you've swapped out your summer items is a fairly easy way to be prepared for the season and enjoy the weather. This also ensures you are more prepared and have less to worry about when temperatures start dropping further into the year with the approaching winter. However, if you'd like a thorough cleaning of your home to help you prepare for the season, consider hiring a professional.

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