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Tips for Creating a Safe Environment for the Holidays

Updated: Mar 27

a clean safe kitchen environment ready for the holidays

With the holidays just around the corner, many people will invite guests into their homes. These times are for family to enjoy each other's company and spend some quality time together. However, this year has made things different. Everyone is being careful with the pandemic and trying to be safe and protect their loved ones. Here are some tips for creating a safe, healthy home environment for your guests to visit.

Deep Clean Common Areas

Make sure you deep clean your house before inviting anyone over. This ensures that all bacteria and dust that might have gathered is eliminated. Start with the common rooms where you know most people will be hanging out when they visit. This creates a safe, clean environment for them to feel comfortable.

Sanitize the Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most important, whether you have guests inside the space or not. However, knowing you cook everything for the meals, the area needs to be cleaned and sanitized. That way, anything you serve will be prepped on clean, safe surfaces and not transfer any bacteria. Using natural products to sanitize is safer for areas you eat in so that toxic chemicals aren't introduced to the environment.

Space Everything Out

Most of the time, you don't consider your distance from others in your own home. Some people are being extremely cautious during this time and need to be careful about what they are exposed to. Help make the situation easier by spacing out your furniture in common areas. This allows everyone to keep their distance, but still enjoy everyone's company!

Small and Intimate Groups

If possible, try to keep the gathering small. We know some families are large and enjoy big gatherings to celebrate the holidays, but now is the time to keep it smaller. Split the gatherings into multiple homes among the families, that way you are still enjoying the company of your family, but you're keeping it safer. Fewer people mean less exposure and we want everyone to stay safe this holiday!

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