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Cleaning Guide to Deep Clean Your Common Rooms

Updated: Mar 27

a pug in a very clean living room

With the holidays coming up, you want to make sure your house is pristine for your guests and family. Some people may have even had small gatherings for Halloween, and need to clean up the mess left behind from the fun. Whether you have guests coming for the holidays or just stick with your household, here are some steps to deep cleaning those areas everyone will be in (living room and dining room areas).

Prepping for Cleaning

As we mentioned in previous blogs, prepping the area for a deep clean is similar to outdoor areas as well. Moving everything out of the way and leaving as much space open as possible makes it easier to navigate. This also allows you to reach those difficult places that you might not clean on a regular basis, like under your couch and tables.

Dust High Areas

Once the space is cleared out as best as you are able, start with dusting. Reach for the high areas like the upper corners and ceiling allows the dust to fall to the floor, which you haven't cleaned yet. Don't forget to dust the blades of your fans if you have one, because dust collects the most there. Wipe away spiderwebs with your duster as well and don't forget pictures and other items hanging on the walls.

Wipe Down all Surfaces

It's important to clean surfaces and areas that can gather bacteria, especially now. Coffee tables, end tables, and the dining room table. Polish the surfaces if they are wood, but make sure you have something to also sanitize the areas. This will kill any bacteria that has collected over time from the environment and other items that may have touched the service.

Fabric and Carpets

Don't forget to vacuum your couches and chairs. This is important especially if you have animals in the home that shed. This will help you get rid of any pet dander and help with odors that might be lingering from the hair. If you want to take the extra step, you can also shampoo your cushions to thoroughly clean the fabric. Treat your carpet in the same fashion, by first vacuuming the room and then going back and shampooing the area for a deeper clean (if you have hardwood, you can mop the floor instead).

Overall, thoroughly cleaning these areas will help provide guests with a clean, safe area to hang out. Sanitizing the space makes it a safe environment whether it's just you at home, or when you have family and friends over for holiday plans. Ensure you kitchen area is also deep cleaned as well. If you want to ensure a clean, safe home, consider Eco-Friendly Maid Service.

Eco-Friendly Maid Service is a GREEN cleaning alternative for residential & commercial spaces. Our goal is to offer our clients the best service possible while maintaining our core values: Health, Growth, & Sustainability. Having the peace of mind in a clean and healthy home, without the worry of harmful chemicals surrounding your loved ones, is priceless. Fortunately, our local green maid service provides both for a reasonable price and a great experience for you & your loved ones.



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